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The Turkey Maiden Game

Research Areas and Questions

Development of the Turkey Maiden game involved research into to the process of adapting traditional culture materials into digital environments. The main points of the plot remain the same, but are connected to environments in which they take place. At the same time, developing the game involved designing interactive quests that unfold in those environments. Lessons based on these interactive quests include:

  • The role of the lector (reader) in the cigar factory
  • The cigar industry trade and the role of women in it
  • The importance of mutual aid societies in immigrant communities
  • The role of dance and festivities in Latin culture
  • The importance of Jose Martí for Ybor City and the struggle for Cuban independence

Developing the game involved research into and experimenting with how to create navigable virtual environments based on cultural and historical materials. This involved designing tasks based on lessons using Depression-era Works Progress Administration (WPA) materials and desiging 3D models and avatar costumes based on historical photographs from the period/place. One important consideration was the difference in spatial representation in the European folktale and the computer game. Another consideration was finding ways to incorporate backstory and exposition into the game story.

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